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It is mandatory on the part of the students to obey the rules of the college. Stringent disciplinary measures will be taken against the students violating the rules that may lead to expulsion from the college.

  • Be courteous to the staff and the fellow students.
  • Carry your college identity card regularly to show it on demand.
  • Take your place in the class before the commencement of every period.
  • Attend all the lecturers
    (CU regulations require at least 75% of the total classes held) and appear in all college examinations mandatorily.
  • Follow the notice board regularly.
  • Reach the class and the examination hall at the right time.
  • Inform the Principal in case of absence.
  • Prepare yourselves regularly to attend the classes and make use of the library.
  • Protect your college property and keep your college environment neat and clean.
  • Do not enter the Staff Room and Office without permission.
  • Do not enter or leave the class-room without permission of the teacher.
  • Do not hang around the college yard or loiter in the corridor unnecessarily.
  • Do not disturb the adjoining classes.
  • Do not copy and communicate with other students at the examination hall.
  • Do not use cell-phones in class-rooms and corridors of the college.
  • Do not impersonate at roll call.
  • Do not make ear splitting noise in the college campus.
  • Do not smoke and spit here and there in the college campus.
Attendance: Students falling short of 75% attendance shall not be allowed for the University Examination at the end of the year or session.
No Ragging: Any Student found involved in ragging in the college premise will face immediate expulsion from the college as per order of Supreme Court.
Use of Mobile Phone (for student) is strictly prohibited in college premise. Please, ensure you have switched off your mobile phone when attending any session or class.
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